This Wild Wednesday…

7 Feb

Decided against going to a Starbucks to write and gather, record grades and plan for day’s meetings, what be.  We need know ourselves better, I wrote earlier, what will work for us in this day, as this day only happens once.  ONCE.  Think about that.  Only once?  Yes.  So, do what you’re comfortable with.  Write where you want.  Be somewhere that centers and situates your Personhood, especially when dealing with starting the day.

Here at home, I control this stage, but I only have so much time, I realize.  So with it, I do everything I can.  Still have a couple more projects to get done before getting ready and heading to campus.  This Wild Wednesday, I’m more than merely “wild”.  I’m hungry, ravenous, and I don’t want to be full.  I’m not looking to “take down mountains” as some will quote, or reference.  I’m making those mountains mine.  Today and everyday.

Found some notes to self, while finally cleaning out my backpack (which now I only allow laptop and related cords in, maybe a couple books and pens.  One jot reads, “Go for walks.  Zig and zag creatively, quicker and more colorfully with more animation and genius.” Then another, “The past, erase it.  Study, then delete.” Then one more, on a post-it, singing, “Stay hungry.  Be never full.” Reviewing my thoughts, this A.M.  What I want and where I’m going, with all professional dashes and sprints, marathons and ultra-marathons.  “Simplicity is efficiency”, another one says.  Nearly forgot that one and looked it over before throwing away the little page scrap.  I’m decluttering, much, this morning.  Getting rid of all coins, or putting them into a bag to put into one of those Coinstar machines at a local store.  Travel light, I tell self.  Always.  Less is better, always better.

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