poz thoughts

12 Feb

…take yourself there.  Treat yourself.  I’m in a bit of logomachy with self, in the idea of bringing self “there”.  What if I’m already there?  What if I have to do less than I thought, in terms of mood, attitude, mode, inner-voice?  Disputing with self over self, and the self I am versus where I could go, goals and spending more time with my babies after a change in work life… building my business and writing down absolutely everything and studying my everything, my entire world and the transactions that take place.  And this isn’t just ME, it’s WE.  It’s all of us.  Advancing my composition of self, thinking critically, again to use another English teacher speak-slice, about your story.  Interesting that an English class can be utilized as an appreciative lens for everything around you.  You… your story, your day, your week.

What do you want?  How will you get it.  By moving.  Not stopping.  Not letting your moods slow you and not letting anyone else put a single word in your manuscript’s body.  What you want is attainable.  More attainable and proximal than you think, trust me.  And I’m only now realizing this.  Go get what you want, starting today.  What do you want?  Write that in your journal.  Don’t worry about how to get it… just go grab it.  This meditation has worked, already.  I’m ready for class, I’m ready for them, I’m ready for me and my ideas.  MY ideas have value, as they are wildly and wholly positive, yay-saying.  What am I teaching… writing, writing to you, writing not affirmation but realities, solid self vows, that you will get what you want and you will defeat time with time itself…

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