from an inward jot

6 Apr

…listening to my jazz as I did on the long drive home yesterday, toward the end when it started to rain, and now outside this bean hut it pours with a thesis.  To motivate me, to motivate us.  To push us to get to where we see ourselves.  Meant to wake early this morning as I did on Tuesday, of course I didn’t.  So I write with every chance and momentary invitation I get.

Only let yourself see not just possibility for certain realities, but the reality you want yours.  Right now.  Stare out a window and see it.  Stop imagining.  Stop dreaming.  Dreams are a step.  I say, skip that step.  Just forward, move with venom, and gratitude, loudness and shyness.  Take time to collect, jot inwardly and confirm your vision.  If you do dream, keep the dreaming brief.  Move… and move quicker.  Consolidate where you can, and mold your manuscript from minimalistic revolutions.  Trying not to pay attention to the time, but I can only see the clock and how it erodes.  And I further collect and assemble, See from where I am.  Eating a bagel, sipping my usual 4-shot mocha, which I shouldn’t have ordered as I’m trying to save a little currency.  But I needed something.  Something for me.  We all need to do that, be a little careless with what’s in our wallet and treat ourselves to something, and in the case of creative, if you need multiple espresso shots to get you across the word-count-line…

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