READER:  Stop.  Do what you see warranted. 

9 Apr

Be not at all concerned with others, no matter how close to you.  Be the author of your story, the producer and director of your film, your reality.  Life, more and more, tells us that it’s brief, that it’s truthfully and cruelly curt.  So why wait.  Why pause.  Why consider and reconsider direction.  Why not just move, why not just leap into the fire.  If you’re measuring and planning, don’t do so to excess.  Actuate.  Become the tangible you have in dreams.  It’s more than a matter of “making” dreams “come true’.  It’s a factual matter of action, movement, conviction and caprice.

End of the semester, approaching Summer, months elevating in temperature (in theory) and we need elevate with our production.  How much we write, how many projects we bring to fruition, quantitative quality.  Not sure what the balance is, but there is an equilibrium we determine.  We pronounce our individualism, in these final weeks.  We show, tell, pronounce and announce.  Time being the wicked prompter, provocateur… but we answer as we wish.  We direct our tellings and truths to our pages, our efforts, our students.  Toward each other.  This is a collective effort as well as an individual one.

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