Cognize Prize

27 Apr

Photo on 6-13-17 at 8.00 AMSeeing yourself there, I tell myself.  I see myself back in class.  As student, grad perhaps, for PhD… Then, lecturer at several different campuses.  Goals and aims can be funny, funny in that they are so feasible, utterly available, but we’re so easily swayed, strayed, going down some fashionable tangent road… and for what?  This morning, when I woke and for some reason looked in the mirror by our bed and said “Bonjour!” to myself I saw myself somewhere, walking on some campus holding only my semester journal and hearing students talk about their classes and what final projects they need tend getting closer to term’s close, what exams they have to take today, or what they’re doing tonight.  In giving academics more an assertive urgency, intensity, I am a student.  Before any kind of teacher.  I seek to learn, learn more, not just about my authors but about education, teaching, students— what they go through and what they do, what they feel and how the organize themselves.

The world is population of not merely possibilities, but realities in wait.  What walls exist between us and our most desired stage is imaginary, not even theoretical.  There is no theory, only the absolute in that there is no wall.  That too, I find wildly comical, baffling.  How whenever an obstacle is even thought of, there is either incremental or definite and decided surrender.

This morning, I’m awake.

This morning, I See.

Tell yourself that this morning you deny all that you think denies you.  You are the author of your story, your pages.  “Bonjour!” What do you think?  What are you thinking?  What is the typist to this note have in his flurrying head?  Everything.  ‘Cause I can have everything.  I’m there, while here, soon to be in the There.  Thoughts are catalytic, all in my circulation and current inner oration.

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