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Some of my notes…

27 Jan

More address of the writer’s perils, in this last reading…


Alcohol: what it does, how Hemingway notices the impact of substance on relationships.

Does Hemingway begin to see himself above these characters, like he’d never have any of this happen to him?

These short “declarative” sentences, have a very pronounced impact in this last reading, more so than the past pages…

What does he want readers to think about his observations?


Dearest English 5 Colleagues,

19 Dec

My thanks, for such an electric semester.  I hope you walk away with an enhanced writing habit, appreciation for literature…  But more than anything, an admiration for your own creative and cognitive abilities.  Know that you are always permitted, and should be encouraged, to make a topic your own.  Always question.  Always exercise your right to make statements; defend your convictions; catapult your mind to the discussion, never allowing anyone to think, certainly not speak, for you.

But most importantly, take something away from your academic experience, for you.  YOUR Self.  Scribe your own set of conditions, and everything will prove luminous!  And enjoy.  I’ve always been told, “You have to have fun.” Life is ever-short; shortened, shortening.  Brief.  Cruelly so.  Let the realization of the moment’s antithesis push you to promise.  And I, as your former instructor, promise that only perfection’s plumes self-present to you, the student; author; reader; thinker.

Be well, and know I’m only a letter away…

Mike Madigan

Last Post for Term

13 Dec

Please post your drafts below… Both English 5 and English 1A!!! Let’s make this the best editing/workshopping/Exchange of Ideas of the entire semester. Be mindful of the counsel you write to your colleagues..

Thank you all, my friends and colleagues, for a wonderful three-plus months.

Loyally, and Forever Yours,

English 5: A Plath Revisit

2 Dec

Find and read the poem “Mushrooms,” and tell me what you think.  I see so many messages in this piece that it’s nearly overwhelming.  What do you think is the anchoring subtext of this peculiar poem?  Or, simply, what does it mean?  What is Ms. Plath saying?  Extra credit will be awarded for responses posted before Tuesday’s meeting…


English 5, 11/14/13 Class Revisit

15 Nov

Thank you all for a great session yesterday! Why don’t we keep that momentum going here… Additional thought on the ideas offered yesterday by myself, and the colleagues.

Also, which way are you leaning with this ‘Onus Expansion’? Feel free to write a paper solely on ‘Glass Castle’, possibly exploring elements like poverty, child endangerment… Self-reliance, family government.. When children and parents unknowingly [or knowingly] rotate respective roles… Either way, I’m quite excited to read which way you’re being pulled.

Enjoy your day, my foremost scholars! Write well…


English 5, Response Prompt

8 Nov

Good morning….

Please post your responses to the most recent reading in ‘Glass Castle’, here.. Focus on the family element, the kids, how the parents govern them.

Also, feel free to submit your findings on Poe. Whatever you have so far…

Cheers, colleagues, and enjoy your day!

Remember, no class on Tuesday!


No Walls with Jeannette Walls

30 Oct

Of the ideas I offered, concerning dominant themes in ‘Glass Castle’, what are you observing thus far? About the family, how they live.. The subject of rich vs poor? What can tell us about how Walls’ book has been delivered to a reader, through these introductory pages?

Have a great day, colleagues…