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1 Aug

What do you want to say?

For Walls?

The final paper?

(for class tonight, 7/25/16) 

25 Jul

Stress.  What do you do about stress when it confronts you?  “Are we going to talk about img_5294Jeannette Walls tonight?” Yes, don’t worry.  But for a minute, let’s talk about something that either already presents itself every-so-often in our lives or for some of us quite frequently.  STRESS— ugh, I just hate the word, I’ll be honest.  How do you confront and combat stress when it lands?  Sometimes I think stress is only in our heads and then other times I see it as quite understandable that some realities like money, work, bills, family, the car, the rent, the mortgage, would stress us.  So how do we deal with it?  How do we defeat it?  And…  I have to ask…  IS IT JUST IN OUR HEADS?

Okay…  So, Walls.  That Glass Castle.  Are we any closer to the Castle, or are we still so far from it that it’s still just an idea rather than anything truly plausible?  Where do we see stress in the book, especially in last night’s assignment?  How do some of the characters, Dad especially, deal with stress, or real life and responsibilities?  The conditions facing the Walls family should be overwhelming with their stressful capacities, but as a reader I don’t see any effort to right a situation which would beget stress.  If you were in the position of the Walls’, a member of their family, how would “cope”?

Happiness, or what makes someone happy…  Is there a recipe?  What makes you happy?  If someone is in a funk or a tad ‘down in the dumps’, what’s the first thing you’d recommend they try to right themselves, life their spirits and mood?  Many times when I ask students what makes them happy, the address money, or financial security, a better job… often dealing with money, these responses.  And I mean often.  What is the recipe for happiness?  I know, “There is no recipe.” Okay, so what do you recommend? How do we make ourselves happy?  How do we truly live and not just exist?  Notice I come to you with questions for yourselves and to ask each other, discuss with each other including myself.  This prompt is meant for a positive Exchange of Ideas, meant to help each other and instruct the people around with you yay-saying vibes.  Enjoy…

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First thing you

22 Jul

do in the morning.. Is what?

What is your morning “routine”?

How set are you in it?

How does it contribute to your story and character?

Thank you all for an awesome 5 weeks…  3 more to go… Keep reading and writing, filling the journals…
Be inspired and STAY inspired.

Life is cruelly curt and it doesn’t care if we don’t like its brevity.  Fight time with words… Words are immune to everything.


Sorry for the absence from maddenedread…

19 Jul

Post a creative piece below.

Of any length.

I will respond.

And, feel free to respond to each other.


Sorry again, and I look forward to sharing positive thoughts and feedback, and insights, with you all.


Yours, Loyally, Always,


Night 7

30 Jun

supererogatory:  going beyond the requirements of duty.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius


1 – Readings/Typed Reactions

-group, then revisit

2 – Paper 1

-pieces you can use

3 – Who relates to what?  Why?

4 – Why is important for us to relate?

5 – Why should we care?

6 – How will this piece affect the reader?


Plath poems…

What do you see in her work?

YouTube clip…

Journal checks, tomorrow…

-What I’m looking for:  consistency in note-taking, brainstorming, notes from readings, creative work

Night 5

28 Jun

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” -Jonathan Swift

-What does that mean to you?

remontant: blooming more than once in a season.

Get into groups, formulate a statement about one or more of the pieces.. support that statement with three quotes.  So, if you want to talk about three pieces, you can only use three quotes.  IF you select one piece, then your three quotes must be from that piece.

Revisit and present…

Short reactions:  Name, Date, Class (no need for my name, but if you need to, it’s “Mike Madigan”…)  Balance of paragraphs, quotes, strong language, no summary…

Dickinson poem, analyze…

Creative Writing, poetry…

And about poetry…  WHAT ABOUT IT?

add’l questions –

What is happiness to you?  How do you get it/plan on getting it?

How do you deal with stress?

Night 2

22 Jun

Tonight’s class:

“I will not take ‘but’ for an answer.” -Langston Hughes

1 – Reading:  Identity

2 – Writing:  Identity

3 – College:  Identity

4 – Freewrites

5 – Reading from Short Prose Reader

6 – Argument vs. Story, can you have both?

7 – Technology, balance (‘I Think, Therefore IM’)

8 – Short Reaction Approaches… quotes, explanation, thoughts, personal experience…..