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English 370….

5 Sep

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SOLANO, 370 — Take a Position!

2 Sep

So.. after all the short pieces we’ve read, start preparing a 4-page position.  NO, it doesn’t have IMG_7979-0to be four FULL pages!  Just get onto the fourth page and try and extend/expand your argument to the bottom.  The last candidates for this paper are “A Hanging” on page 167, Hemingway’s “Camping Out” on 195, and Muñoz with “Leave Your Name at the Border” on 437.  Pick the piece that you’re most passionate about, that you connect with the most and develop a strong opinion…  A statement!

Start taking notes in your journal, then start typing an outline if you wish..  BUT, you must comment below as to which piece that we’ve read so far you’re entertaining selecting for this longer essay and why (meaning your reasoning, and justification).  Your response below can be as long as you wish, just be sure that we, your colleagues, know where you’re coming from (idea-wise).




19 Aug

So.. what’s your story, and by asking that, I mean what do you think has contributed to your sylvia1character the most significantly.  Sure there’s many things, many moments and people and interactions and trials.  But think about it further, just for a second: what is YOUR story, one that’s unique to you, and how you’ve carried and maintained this story.  We’ll explore next session, but for now, just think and write, and enjoy your free writing.  And don’t over-think your pages, just write, attack that blank page as I said today.  It’s not stronger than you, and certainly not smarted than you.  So let’s start writing those stories…