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Writing Prompt for the Day

24 Dec

Write a 100-word, not a drop more(!), short story about rain.  Appeal to senses, the images and sounds, how the air feels in your lungs and whooshing across your upper lip, etc.  Make it believable, make us want to read it again— make it magnetic and dimensional and colorful and wild with life!

Enjoy your writing…..



22 Aug

Needed.  Like a character in the story….

Then I’m more whole made.

And you? 


Outline notes and thoughts, and drafts…

28 Jul

just an example.. simple, but with only two supporting points, as you see…..

Please below post what you have of your outline.  Remember, an outline is to guide you through your topic, display a plan of how your ideas are to be delivered, the order of statements if you will.  My counsel: have six or seven main points (Roman Numerals, and this includes the intro and conclusion paragraphs), then three supporting points specified by lowercase letters.  But that’s just my advice!  Do what works for you!  And don’t forget to edit!!!


Bonjour, tout le monde!

19 Jun

Thank you all for a wildly wondrous first week!  Feel free to post anything below: comments on Reading, the freewrite we did yesterday (poetry).  Keep with your reads and start developing some focus with ‘Road’.  What speaks to you?  What do you find interesting?  And what does Kerouac say to you, personally?cup-of-coffee

With 7 weeks to go, we need to increase our pace.  My advice to you all: plan.  Time will win if you don’t.  Time loves to capitalize on the littlest of our follies.  If you plan and plot, measure your work appropriately, you’ll be inviolable (secure from destruction.. word of day…).  But, do, make time for you!  Like my Philosophy friend has always stressed, “You have to have fun!  You have to have fun, Mikey…” So, do.  I encourage you…..

Me, now, writing in a café looking at the clock, counting Time before having to leave for the winery.  Ugh, don’t you just sometimes wish for that day off, just one..  Enough of me, go enjoy your day, your story, your Road, your LIFE!

À bientot!


What happens when

25 Apr

you get lost in an idea…  When it reshapes itself into an encouraging trap?

Good Morning, 1A & 1B!

9 Mar

It’s just before 6 (5:57AM), and I’m thinking of new directions for tomorrow’s meetings. In addition to chasing my son… First, we’ll explore our proposals, examining what we want to write about and why, and the due dates and what be… THEN, we’ll plan the rest of the semester (yes, it’s already that time, I’m just as surprised as you are, believe me), and talk about the news and present pressing matters and how we could write about them even if we’re not there involved in the actual transaction (more on that tomorrow).
As you know, the season is shifting, as is the intensity of the semester. If we breathe, balance our schedules and plan all that we can, and write and brainstorm before actual composition of assignments, the term will only end melodically.

Hope you all have a magical Monday, and we’ll meet on the morrow…


25 Feb

Sometimes we’re not in the mood to write, I understand, but we have to find some way of finishing our pieces, to bring about some tier of peace. And my advice, as I said yesterday in class, don’t rush! It’s writing, not running. Now print-without-ink-6sometimes you will be ‘on a roll’ and won’t want to stop, and others will be more a trudge than a trek. So don’t worry and don’t be hard on yourself. Art is more about the process than the finished product. Life demands effort from us. Again, if we’re to experience Peace, find our own Roads. Just some thoughts I wanted to share…..
Enjoy your day!