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a jot

24 May


19 May

A wallet too

19 May

My door locked, pillow

conversation over a

dream hall. The next day.


Examine my own way,

17 May

in a seat, in a spot in the shade.

Care less.

13 May

Create more.

Take time in the morning to

12 May

assemble and enliven your character.

You want certain facets to change?

Re-write them.

You’re displeased with something?

Remove it.

You hold the pen. The pages are yours.

Be the author,



7 May


Explore the plausible seas–

Read my Me, breathe free.



6 May

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Knowing another busy day’s

5 May

just off the shore, I start moving quicker. Typing notes on phone while in line for coffee… write, write, write… Watching the baristas move as swiftly and airily as they do, soaring behind the counter and back and forth between machines, I too. Right what I’ll do.

Write, what I do.


1 May

Write about your job, the workplace, yours.

First, in 1st person, then 2nd, then 3rd.

When done, analyze which narrative scope is better suited for that stage’s story.