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5 Dec

owes you nothing.

But you owe yourself everything.

You deserve everything.

Prove to you, through your work, that you’ll receive whatever you choose.

Everything is yours.

You owe YOU.



1 Dec

Don’t do a thing.  Take a night.  For you.  Then, tomorrow, you tally only ascension, prizes, your forward.

Week ‘Whatever’

21 Nov

If we roar and charge through these final weeks, we will be successful in ending it harmoniously.  We have to keep writing, take inventory of what we have to do versus what we’ve done.  Constantly count and collect data on yourself in this regard, as to where you are, and be HONEST in your self-assessments.  These are ideas that extend much, much beyond a classroom.

Be mindful of time, and always act as though you have none but know you have more than enough to bring projects to fruition.  And, I have to tell myself this often, don’t fall to distraction.  Distraction is goal-death.  So, be animal-like in these final weeks.

SO…. now what?


3 Nov

Love the rough draft, even if it’s garbage. Devour the flaws and enjoy how they make you create.


26 Oct

What did you do with your day?  Were you inspired?  If so, how?  Write down everything, as much as you can, even if you think someone might deem it insignificant, or if you initially dismiss it.  Don’t dismiss it.  That “it” is NOT significant.  It, is more than an “it”.

Weather like this, everything is clear, and not just the sky.  But your thinking, your observation and appreciation of what’s around you.  Include today and what you did after you left the classroom in your response below…

Now, each day is ideal.  We have our zen, we have County, our pages.  So write.  Tell your story.


25 Sep

When it’s quiet,

be loud

in your head.


25 Sep

IMG_7979-0Week about to start, and my attitude is, truly, “BRING IT ON.” I’m at the point in my life where week’s don’t mean anything.  Monday, Thursday, Friday, the weekend.  Everyday I’m working to elevate my story and improve life for me, my family.  Demand the same of yourself.  You’ll feel something, I promise, if you test your Self.  Don’t stop, don’t let yourself get tired, and certainly don’t let yourself make excuses.  Actuate… actuate everything… everything you want.  I had a long day today at the winery but I’m still going and I have ZERO interest in slowing and assuredly no intention of stopping.

Thinking about life and how short it is, how curt it continues to be… but that’s me obsessing over time.  Why do that, when I could be capitalizing on the minute I’m in.. this very breath, right now on the couch typing and contributing to this story of mine.. babies upstairs…. Everyone—  Dash at every assignment in this class as you do your dreams, as this class is a contributor to your life, your dreams, everything.  Tomorrow’s Monday, but that’s wholly insignificant.  All your breaths are Monday and Friday, all days, blended.  Seize.  There’s composition in your Now, elementally and anatomically.