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7 Mar

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Nothing educates you more

19 Feb

directly than your own children.

What are you doing to

5 Feb

get closer to where you want to be?

Write your thoughts below, PLEASE!

We’d love to read your thoughts and story, YOUR life.


Photo on 2-5-18 at 11.37 AM


20 Jan

Always. It’s what should keep us forwarding, loudly.



18 Jan

Tell yourself today that your thoughts are the most valuable in your world.

Write results.  Re-read.

Delight in your renewed sight.

New year

1 Jan

New story..

New Newness and

ideological geography.

Don’t focus on the “new year”,

but on and in the realty that it’s

YOUR year.

Christmas, seeing them

25 Dec

play, puts all of anything and everything in a sturdy perspective..