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25 Oct

There’s no block.  Not writer’s block, thought blocks, creative blocks, road blocks.  You are never blocked.  Your writing, thoughts, creative pulses will take you to all Roads.  Blocks are acknowledged.  That’s why they exist.  They don’t have to be acknowledged, they don’t have to exist.


Sometimes, and I’ve said this before,

29 Jun

doing nothing’s what you have to do to know what you need to do.  

The best writing, at times, is penned internally when you’re not materially writing.

Sit, stop, breathe, see, listen…

That passing car or plane flying over your house could answer every question you had, have, will have.

Opennes is onus.

Writing Prompt–

16 Mar

Look out the nearest window, write 1000 words on the first thing you see.


11 Feb

Sylvia Plath used her own story, her own life, as the nucleus of her creativity.  She knew her own story, her character, but she still had her struggles with it till her last day.  How well do you know yourself?  If the caterpillar in Wonderland asked you, “WHO ARE YOU?”, would you have an answer?  And if so, where would you start in telling your story or even providing some short, encased description?  This question is something that all writers, students, anyone claiming to be mentally alive, should pose to themselves.  And, repeatedly so the understanding is an understanding firm, and always reinforcing identity.  And, freedom.

So…. YOU, are whom?

What is YOUR story?

(10/19/16)  English 100, Reaction to Meeting —

19 Oct

Thank you all for an energetic exchange of ideas today.  I’ll be honest, I was a little tired and not that in-character when I arrived, but I credit you all for pulling me from my lull.  Thank you!  Keep reading in Walls with a critical eye on the family, on the parents especially.  There’s nothing wrong with being critical of their parental “methods”, but your criticisms need to be supported.  Also, take note of your emotions and feelings as a reader, and be prepared to tell us where you felt what.

For your creative work, telling your story…  Practice telling a story.  Do more freewriting in your journals.  Teach us something about yourself, about the world, about life.  There are so many experiences in this world that would make incredible stories, and I’m CERTAIN that many of them are in our group.

Start preparing to defeat your Monday.  I’ve said this before, Mondays do NOT have to feel like Mondays.  Ever.  Whatever you have to do to feel positive about yourself and what you’re doing, do it.

Thanks again for the electric interactions today…

See you all next week – Mike

PS – What is one goal you have over the weekend, one productive step forward you want to actuate?

Usually don’t blend my own freewrite with a

24 Aug

lesson or “lecture” plan, but today I will.  Doing things different, right?  One thing I remember in being a student, and still appreciate as I still consider this aging self a student, is that my words are mine.  They weren’t prompted or instrumented by anyone or anything outside ME.  They’re a sense of identity we should find as readers and writers that can’t be found elsewhere.  It’s empowering, yes, but as well educational in so many dimensions.

For the authors we’re about to dive into, look for their identities, look for their voices and what they want from life, from their readers.  Better, ‘What do they want their readers to do?’  They must have some desired reaction in their works.  That’s an ingredient in their identity.  For ‘100’, our first author is Sylvia Plath, for 1A we’ll meet Mr. David Sedaris.  Both have distinct personalities and attitudes, and what they want us to do helps us better understand their motivation for writing altogether.

So then, why do WE write?  I know, “‘Cause we have to, Mike.. GOD!” Okay, but iff you were to write a story, fiction or non’, what would you write and why would you write it?  What would you want your readers to see and understand about you?  What do you want them to do?  It’s a weird question to ask, and an even harder one to answer.  So think about it.  And, think intently before taking a position on an author’s motivation for writing what they did, or even what you think the point to the piece is.

If we write from experience, what’s happening with us, then we want to share our reality.  It’s not so much “confessional” as it is intimate, and an eagerness to share, have others see us, learn from us, or at least judge us to some degree.  Why would we want to be judged?  Why do we, they (Plath, Sedaris, and all the others) put ourselves in a spot to be judged?  What does that do to our identity?

Sorry for the absence from maddenedread…

19 Jul

Post a creative piece below.

Of any length.

I will respond.

And, feel free to respond to each other.


Sorry again, and I look forward to sharing positive thoughts and feedback, and insights, with you all.


Yours, Loyally, Always,