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a jot

24 May


24 May

Then you stop worrying what they think. You just stop. You have you and that’s all you need for sight.

Look forward to

18 May

morning. That’s when everything shifts for sakes of your story.

Decide right now that

17 May

you WILL have a radiant, mammothly advancing day.

Write down why.

Throw that paper away.

Write it down again.

Toss in trash.

Walk out the door, and DO.


The material you say you need

17 May

is right in front of you.


Don’t over-analyze.



Play YOUR game.

Care less.

13 May

Create more.


1 May

Write about your job, the workplace, yours.

First, in 1st person, then 2nd, then 3rd.

When done, analyze which narrative scope is better suited for that stage’s story.