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If you’re still in the box,

12 Mar

be so creative and seismic that you move it from the inside, and in any direction you want.


2 Feb

Tuesday Tip…

30 Jan

Don’t get creative… get crazier than a crazed crazy with your

ideas and brainstormings…

When the day’s over,

26 Jan

the creative luminously and loudly starts.

Nothing stops you.

22 Dec

You never have to stop.

For anything.

Or anyone.

Just keep with your sprint.

Be defiant.

Glow in your rebellion…

Create a newer and more poured form

of self.


25 Oct

There’s no block.  Not writer’s block, thought blocks, creative blocks, road blocks.  You are never blocked.  Your writing, thoughts, creative pulses will take you to all Roads.  Blocks are acknowledged.  That’s why they exist.  They don’t have to be acknowledged, they don’t have to exist.

Want to learn something today?

28 Sep

We are all writing something.  Especially when we’re not actually writing—

All moments are tied in some way.

What happens in a classroom is a microcosm for ‘out there’.  That’s why this matters.

You learn by teaching yourself and letting the moment education you on YOU.

Kerouac reminds us that there’s more than just ‘so much to learn out there’, as so many say.  By saying “so much”, you infer a quantity, a set amount.  Knowledge is always immune to limit, number, anything set.