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2 minutes….

13 Apr

Can affect two fucking lifetimes.

Wanna bet???


10 Apr


1 Apr

Study yours.

With love.




With an artist’s urge.


18 Mar

Too many that can threaten our pursuit of Self. The solution… There isn’t a singular solvent. But, the yay-saying disposition as opposed to its antithetical is wildly accommodating. The distractions more than many things make their epistemology visible. They’re there only if we define them, acknowledge and supply them with our energies. Truly, I find distractions fascinating. Why do you give in? What are you believing you’ll receive as a result of answering the distraction’s chirp? Why are you distracted by that, or THAT? Distractions, I was told long ago, are goal-death. Not to say I never get distracted. That’s not at all the matter. I’m more aware of what distracts me, I can earnestly concede. And, once distracted, I more quickly recover. If trying to more understand you, attain true Self and Personhood, distractions must be buried, both in demoralize and connotative. Your convictions abet Self…


28 Feb

Had a memory

in future tense but that’s not

possible. Is it.

So many ideas tonight,

20 Feb

I can’t barely temper my tenacity.

I wait till tomorrow.

And tomorrow, I variegate.


9 Feb

Not up as early as I’d like to be, but still before six and working, doing something. Made coffee and it didn’t push the babies from their rest, so I type furiously and with electric seas to get something on page. Yesterday, rising just after 04:00 and getting to gym for speed work just before 5, something I’ve never done. Perpetuation that taught me something about myself. This morning, wife’s turn to workout early, and me, the writer, just writing on the downstairs couch and perpetuating my new topic and exploration of waking early. Don’t want to be all “Day 2” about it, but this is my second day of study. I usually wake early but not like yesterday, not like this morning. We need push ourselves to earlier rise from our sheets, pillows, no matter how seemingly impossible the act appears… You could have easily just gone back to bed, but you didn’t. You made yourself stay up and you went for a run, or went to the gym and did whatever workout routine you had pictured, or wrote, meditated. Something. Waking early tests our character, even if we’re used to it, or it feels like it’s not that much a strain. And, if not testing us, educating us. Quiet in this house, refrigerator humming, singing to me, little light, no movement anywhere. Just me, this coffee, these breaths.

Why waste any time, or see it as anything but rushing away from us, as if to dodge every aim and aspiration we hold? Let’s return the assault on time, by using more of it. Waking earlier… in these cruel hours producing more, creating more, doing more for us. Our stories, our moments, our perspectives and decisions. The ‘why’ to everything, in earlier hours. Before six, and earlier if you can. Set as many alarms as you can to actuality this. You will gift yourself with a cascade of gems.