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27 Nov

Success isn’t a fucking Road.

It’s a vehicle.

YOU, are the vehicle.

So, run all the red lights!!!!!!!



28 Jun

See castle.

Want castle.

Build castle


To want something is

21 May

humorous.  To be demonstrative of hunger and pursuit and actually acquire is worthy of study.  Be your professor, a student of your Self– study your habits and actions, enjoy your strengths and follies.  Everything is meant to come together for us.  We merely have to be more perceptive of our innate promise.  Do not want or wish.  Hungry, pursue, and establish your echo.

It’s Monday. So what.

9 Jan

All days are yours.

So if you don’t like “Monday”, rename it.

Nothing at all Resolved

23 May

End of a semester, ends nothing.  It only assures the story is still being written.  By us.  Just keep going, keep writing, learning, reading and growing.  It’s all out there, for you.  Everything you want.

IT, needs you.