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18 Jan

To the rest of the semester.

Be wild.



Always ask

17 Jan


And do so repeatedly.

All days.

If you can talk yourself into

8 Jan

being eager about work that you otherwise would put off or avoid, you’ve found profound light in your character.

Time is

4 Jan

neither ally or adversary.

It’s a supplier of reminders.

One day, supply stops.

Need “motivation”?

Read the above over and over.

Just not too many times.

As, you don’t have as much time as you think.

A “new year”

1 Jan

is still just a year.

You’re the writer. The story’s yours, in your hand… wheeled by pen.

So… where do you want the chapters to go?

Your thoughts are yours.

30 Dec

Show onus and ownership in all beats.

29 Dec