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English 5 – 2/17/16

17 Feb

Title of Session and Day’s Word:  celerity = swiftness; speed.

“What cannot be said above all must not be silenced but written.” -Jacques Derrida

WAW:  Listen to you SELF.  More than anyone, YOU are your strongest teacher.

Title – 5 points

Introductory Paragraph/Thesis – 5 points

First Body Paragraph, starting the “argument” – 5 points

Supporting Paragraphs – 5 points

General usage of sources – 5 points

Mechanics – 5 points

Voice – 5 points

Word Choice – 5 points

Paragraph before conclusion – 5 points

Conclusion – 5 points

*** Consider the essay as a whole, and not just what’s quantifiable, but the feel of the writing…  Did the author convey authority, a passion for the direction they chose.  Did you learn something?  Does it seem as though they learned something with their unique consideration of Hunter’s book?

Every workshop should be helpful, useful for the strengthening of a draft.  And, more than anything, professional and safe.   So, comment honestly.  Compliments do help, but so does specific and truthful criticism.

Today – 0730 to 0820: readings, presentations, comments, rubric

0820 to 0840: Plath, Open Mic, Poetry

0840 to 0850: WAW’s, HW (Plath poems & reactions), Creative Writing