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Shorter sentences are punctuating

6 Apr

pulses of self, jabs that most often land and have integral impact. Longer sentences are haymakers that often lose and contribute little to your writing.


2 Apr

This writer’s chemistry and ideological geography, peerless for Day 1 of week.  Drawing my time as I see it needing to be drawn and laid before me.  Do the same.  Do the same for you and what you want.  Write what you want over and over… cover a page of your journal with one singular aim.  Start with that.  Newborn week, newborn ideas, possibilities, dreams and visions and embodiment of YOU, reader.  Travel, grow, if not physically then through thought.  All is plausible, possible, likely with your thoughts.  With new thoughts, on a new day, in a new week.  


29 Mar


21 Feb

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Want to learn something today?

14 Sep

Something useful?

An essay is just one thing.

One thing created by you, from ideas within YOU.

So stop complicating it!

For ALL Spring ’15 Scholars–

20 May

React to the work you submitted for your final larger piece of writing.  I’m not asking what you could have done better, or what you wish you would have done different, but to the process.  What you learned about the topic you chose, what you learned about yourself as a writer, student.  React to the act of composing this paper.  And going forward in your academic and/or professional careers, how do you think your new writing habits and visions, whatever they are, will materialize down the road?  Again, just react to the act of composition of this final paper.  What you learned, what you found, how you the author and student changed.  If you were truly passionate about your writing, the composition itself, both process and product, took on some life of its own and interacted with you.  What was in that interaction?


10 May

Don’t worry about the grade, don’t worry about anything, just throw yourself to your topic.  Let yourself BE your writing, and nothing else.  Your ideas are beautiful and they need to be read.  Use every second, as this life is so cruelly curt.  Just a thought…