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Final Prompt for Fall…..

14 Dec

Bonjour, tout le monde!  I thought as one last artful activity, or “credit opportunity”, we’d return to creative writing, telling a story.. but, ah!  You don’t have 4-5 pages of expository luxury to expel your narrative.  With this invitation, you only have 300 words, not a drop more!  Tell a story, show a story, but get to the point, and focus on singularity, not too many things, or people, like Hemingway with the dark-haired beauty, or Kerouac with Alf, or Wolff with the Bullet, Ms. Plath in her bath with everyone dissolving…

Be mindful with your words and how many you use…  REMEMBER, don’t go past 300!  This is very much an exercise in Flash Fiction, or micro-fiction some would say.

Have fun, enjoy your writing!  And, keep writing!  Even and especially after this final prompt.  If you don’t write, no story’s told.

Merci, and I’ll see you all around campus.

Loyally.  Yours.  Always,


English 1A, 8/27/13 session, REVISIT: Flash Fiction Consideration

28 Aug

With our first exposure to flash fiction, what are your thoughts on the genre, in its almost frantic brevity?  Are 1,000 words or less enough to compose Literature?  Can it be ‘composed’?  An actual Composition, when it’s so terse?  Can an Author establish voice, theme, create something of impression is such small space?  Obviously, yes, or the form wouldn’t exist.  But, let’s examine what potential problems a reader could encounter with a more-or-less avant-garde expression shape.  For one, there’s the danger of successfully engaging your reader [if you’re the Author of one of these brief pieces] only to soon after abandon them, possibly leaving them confused, or annoyed.  Two: the form itself is predicated on length, which invites an innumerable swarm of quibbles for the penner.  Three: for us readers.. can something so short ever stand on its own, be worthy of our readership?

In your responses, be honest, professional, but be critical.. meaning, address all elements, pieces, realities of a ‘flash fiction’ piece.

Please also feel free to notify us of any ‘flash’ pieces you found which you enjoyed, would recommend to your colleagues!

Amusez-vous!  [Enjoy!]