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25 Apr

…if I go through past jots and be somewhat of an archeologist.  Makes me chuckle a bit when I say that, but that’s how I see it.  Digging through my old entries and looking for truths, gems, ideas, realizations and something to radiate in such a way I can’t ignore it.

Another note, “Take time to collect self before ideas.”  This too I need follow.  I can’t help but look at the clock and notice very blaringly I have less time but I can’t allow self to slow.  Right here, all around Mike Madigan is the Now, and this Now encourages me to see self at Stanford and other campuses talking about reading, writing, my focus authors, jazz in writing, and the nowness of the page.  How writing your now can be irreversibly magical and life-extending.  Extending life in that you learn more about you in that breath, in what you right now see, feel, hear.  My mocha nearly gone and I confirmed such by lifting up cup.  Should have bought some coffee while there to make in home so I have to rely on my already set energy and momentums.  Intensifying everything, seeing me in that Palo Alto classroom.  My lecturing on the essay… just wrote another note, posted it in a couple places.  Never say this but this morrow I’m on more than just a roll.  I see, I see, I can taste the lawn at Stanford…


from an essay

7 Apr

…finally returning home from the labor place, son still awake and wanting to play.  I gave in and sat with him and joked for a bit.  But now, I just listen to rain.  Just listen, readers… see yourself in some other form, some other plain, plateau, pose and placement.  No that alliteration wasn’t intentional.  Or maybe a bit.  But I’m home, finally collecting the way I want to, not having to dodge all the people at a Starbucks and just sitting down on the floor, which isn’t at all comfortable, and centering in musings.  What I muse over now, life… where I am in it and what my story’s doing.  Feeling like a student again.  Showing up to class, not sure what’s going to happen or what I want my aims to be.  Blending paragraphs and poems, not at all expected but entirely admirable since I’ve decided to further sit and center in my decisions.  I’ve always wanted to be a thinker, a professor, like Dad.  No, he wasn’t a teacher, but a pilot which is galactically more interesting.  But he always struck me as an educator, a Philosophy professor, and he was a Philos’ major.  I see this writer at my aimed-for campus, which I’m not going to again reverb, offering postulates on those questions, what’s posed in Coelho’s work—


27 Mar

On a break, and I realize more what I’m meant to do.  Take a second to yourself, as a student.  What are you aiming for?  Why?  How will you carve your Road?  Start today, if you haven’t already.  Be tireless and fearless, unwavering and vocal with your charge.  The student is the most beaming of self-educators…. Keep the pen moving, and study your findings and wishes, your aims and zeniths and how you seek to touch such.

Don’t let any breaks be just breaks.  Use them as prime parcels of meditation and collection.  See more, scribble, then move.  Time’s always in its churn, but that should only provoke you to grow, learn, touch the peak.



21 Mar


21 Mar

Tell the day what to do. You have so much control over what happens in the next five minutes, and for the day’s remainder, it’s comical.  More than having goals, have a love of Self— what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.  Don’t excessively deliberate or forecast, measure, none of that.  Just leap, jump… do what you need to for the main character in your story to be where he/she need be.

I catch myself overthinking, and I laugh a little, right in front of everyone in this coffee shop.  Feel a little embarrassed, but then relieved.  Why….  I’m controlling the day and all emotions in its borders.

The re-write

20 Mar

is the result of renewed sight.

This morning,

10 Mar

thinking of goals. New ones set, and how to get. Only two things to be done. Up before anyone else in home, but not for long. Vocal, be more vocal. Be more daring, more fearless, more spontaneous, more disciplined, see the results before they’re seen, felt. This morning’s meditation is prime realization. Just went further with meditation, ten pulses… seeing the results. Travel, writing, the people I’ll meet and speak to.

Before I get in the shower, 15 beats…. Done. The quiet of the house surround. Put yourself in a like-scene, setting, where you can see more of you, the you that you have to do.