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19 May

If you have kids,

16 May

you have the most valuable mentor base you could hope for.

Study, emulate, and from what they teach you create.


14 Apr

The smile’s antithesis is NEVER acceptable.

2 minutes….

13 Apr

Can affect two fucking lifetimes.

Wanna bet???

Santa Rosa Junior College is…

9 Apr

Simplest Math

27 Mar

The sole prize, your sight.

You are the determinant.

No ceiling in say.


from book…

20 Mar

I see more, more… what caused this?  Was it yesterday?  Was it this morning?  Was it years ago when I decided in my high school creative writing class that I wanted to be a teacher?  Maybe there is no cause to composition maintenance and shifts.  Self-doubt, your enemy.  Don’t let it grow or any perceptions throw.  Composition, your character…. Feel free to re-write, feel free to be free and re-define.

Wherever you see yourself, hold to that frame, the visuals and sensory seismology of it.  Make it musical and enriching like nothing else in your story is.  Make it your story…