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20 Mar

Write something for YOU, today.

Be deconstructive, complimentary… a healer, if needed.

Enjoy YOU.

Do this…

17 Mar

Seeking peace in your efforts..


11 Mar

your mood.

It works.

Treat yourself to

8 Mar

stillness. A sitting. Quiet, collection, multicolored Zen.


8 Feb

Feeling alive, healthy, and full of love.

Wishing the same out to all of you….


Me, You, for You

8 Feb

I’m fearless. Why? ‘Cause I’ve denied fear its gravity, anatomy, and actuality. It has no definition. How can it when I’ve deleted it from my sensory dictionary?

Eat healthier.

29 Jan

Your reading, writing, and scholastic habits and efforts will reflect it… to YOUR benefit.