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19 May

is always better.

So wake earlier,

have more finished

before the

day leaves the ground.

Be well in

flight as

it tries to

catch you.

If you have kids,

16 May

you have the most valuable mentor base you could hope for.

Study, emulate, and from what they teach you create.

Random questions, inwardly offered…

14 May


Keep repeating your aims.

3 May

Write them.

Sing them.

Live them.

Further instruct yourself on them.

Walk as the You that’s already there…

You WILL get to your There.


2 May

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Office Hour, Yours [Share II]

14 Sep

1,000-1,250 words to compose.  Please offer all your troubles, SUCCESSES [anything that could help a colleague], here.  But the nucleus of this post’s intent is to reiterate that I’m here with you, in the composition of this essay.  Also, feel free to share quotes you found helpful.  Colleagues with a different topic may be able to use them, or a passage close to the one you’re incorporating.  Remember, this class [both sections, English 1A and 5] are Exchanges of Ideas.  The only way for it to be successful, useful, HELPFUL, is if we participate.

On a personal note.. excellent session yesterday, from both sections.  This first paper should be one of your strongest, setting the tone for the semester’s remainder.  As I said, “DO. NOT. OVERthink.” That’s death to progress.  Just write.

Edit later.

Allow ideas to put themselves on

the paper.


Have assurance with