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20 Mar

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Observe everything not

20 Mar

from any point of view, but from eagerness and openness to learn.

Bury your Self

18 Mar

in YOUR time.

If someone or something,

13 Mar

a job, an organization, club, or group don’t take you seriously, then that should make things easier. You don’t have to care as much, and it frees up energy you can devote to your Road.

Caring should be both convex and concave.

If you’re still in the box,

12 Mar

be so creative and seismic that you move it from the inside, and in any direction you want.


5 Mar

Monday motivation starts with coffee and quiet, composition and collection. After the busy weekend, I need to focus on this.  This morning and the moments with self. Focusing on the book, books, new ideas, what I’m teaching today, how to approach today differently in some way– a way that’s more than a way but a solution of sorts. Character, not so much plot.  Hop to my next cognition, my next musing, leaning on Emerson’s teaching me and lectures while I stand in this coffee shop waiting for my breakfast sandwich.  Usually don’t order one but this morning the writer treats himself, returning to studentdom, and his notebooks, his unearthings in pages.

Bringing in some books from garage, re-building my home study after everything being moved out for cleaning post-fires, then back in, then all around to places I can’t locate, I sit with a memoir, and more poetry than I can even skim through.  Two books, the poems.  Not naming authors as I want to focus on the act, the books themselves, what I find in them as a student and the ideas generated.  Told myself in the garage that this Monday is the Monday and day where I change everything…. Get closer to certain goals, or maybe not even closer but rather just devour them.

I propose we make this Monday more wild and free and creatively crazy than anything we’ve ever done.  But, concurrently, demonstrating and actuating containment and poise.  Realize I should probably be writing in the office and not here at the kitchen island.  I am where I am.  I’m here for something in the story’s autonomous intention.  Riven with thought, now in this chair.  My academic hemisphere becoming more clear, more coherent and known about me, by me.  Looking for something this morning, in my students, in my studies, in the tangibility of me as an educator.  That’s what’s motivating me, should you know.  Now I know.

The quiet of my writing hut centers and calms me, gives way to more composition, more urgency in my exploration of poetic aesthetic, of poetry itself.  And I see my little tributary to reason.  Through that.  What is your tributary, reader?  What are you after?  What is your singular seek?

Demand from yourself.

26 Feb

Demand a lot.