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18 Jan

To the rest of the semester.

Be wild.



Always ask

17 Jan


And do so repeatedly.

All days.

So, what day type do you want?

11 Jan

Yes. You get to choose.

You always get to choose.

If you can talk yourself into

8 Jan

being eager about work that you otherwise would put off or avoid, you’ve found profound light in your character.

this Monday…

8 Jan

Sat to write some verse this morning, but the sequencing isn’t as I’d like.  So I don’t force it.  This coming semester, don’t force writing.  You can’t.  And don’t attempt to force understanding from texts, either.  Yes, there is a deadline with an assignment, but nothing should be forced.  Change your approach, your view, your mood, your sense of truth.  See what happens.  Record what transpired and share it with your colleagues.

Monday… motivated by the manuscript of the day, be.  Tell yourself that ‘I don’t accept the typical Monday perspective.’ Tell yourself that today all WILL be done differently, and for the sake of your advancement.

Rain falling in Sonoma County, and it speaks to us.  Tells us to be our own storms.  To not stop, to be defiant, to be more than merely brave, but utterly and creatively separatist.  This semester coming up will be your best ever… your most “successful”.  Start keeping a journal, now, for the Spring ’18 term.

Just like that… verse done.  We’re all students of life, each day and morning, be it a Monday or any other day.  Tell yourself today is all yours.  Even if you’re at work and you have some tyrant of a pig-supervisor, they CANNOT tell you how to process their barks, what they say and what’s around you and how you let the rain and whatever day-ingredients into your inner screen… YOUR book.

This semester is a term of YOU-writing.  YOU-learning, YOU-reading.  YOU.  All decisions and movements, words and lines, sentences and textual reactions are YOURS.  Just entertain the idea if you don’t want to assimilate it immediately.

Should have woke earlier, but I was out from pillow and sheets when I was.  Bring me to another thought before semester ignites—  Grieve not over what you lack or didn’t do, but rush and create from what’s in your story, on your plate.

Time is

4 Jan

neither ally or adversary.

It’s a supplier of reminders.

One day, supply stops.

Need “motivation”?

Read the above over and over.

Just not too many times.

As, you don’t have as much time as you think.


2 Jan


Don’t overthink.