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Self Note… 

6 Jul

Don’t ignore.  Taunt your challenges, challengers…


29 Jun

I’m already going, already writing the day’s story and have logged steps forward.  How about you?  How are you making the day your own?

Sometimes, and I’ve said this before,

29 Jun

doing nothing’s what you have to do to know what you need to do.  

The best writing, at times, is penned internally when you’re not materially writing.

Sit, stop, breathe, see, listen…

That passing car or plane flying over your house could answer every question you had, have, will have.

Opennes is onus.

Be where

22 Jun

you’re the most YOU.

Pay attention to

21 Jun

the ingredients of your moment ’cause you never know what they might teach you.  Have all senses in a ready dote…  Day or eve there’s always something to pocket, reflect in and on.  Take your time… know that there’s more to know.

Have a wonderful and inspiring nuit, and I’ll see you all in a wink less than 24 hours…



After a Day

1 May

You need to not do anything.


Don’t write don’t plan don’t measure don’t foresee–

Just be.  That’s what present about the now-me.

Enjoy the morning…

24 Apr

Admire the early hours.

Use them appropriately and you’ll be admired.

You’ll more admire yourself.