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30 Dec


You’re always being educated, if you allow.

To be “educated” implies that the process is done.

Don’t desire that.

Aim for more education, not to BE educated.

29 Dec

27 Dec

I refuse the title of “instructor”,

26 Dec

or “teacher”. I’m a student. The students teach me, reach me, proverbially read only sagacity and immediate manuscript to me. I learn. That’s my high. Any “professor” thinking they’re not a student sinks in their own mirror-smirk.

Look in front of you.

24 Dec

That is all.

You don’t have to search for gems.

They’re there.


21 Dec

Need diversify with all pulses of eye–

There is no try if sights are in sky.

This isn’t expected motivation, or reflective

noted placement– me, I’m of the woe-less

brazens, too cocky for self-effacement.

Who’s gonna stop you, you? From truth

imbued– never mind that become unglued,

kneel at your own pew. Stew in this newly ruled you–

If you feel yourself slowing,

20 Dec

just imagine what it’d be like if you couldn’t move.

Sped strength WILL precipitate.