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To want something is

21 May

humorous.  To be demonstrative of hunger and pursuit and actually acquire is worthy of study.  Be your professor, a student of your Self– study your habits and actions, enjoy your strengths and follies.  Everything is meant to come together for us.  We merely have to be more perceptive of our innate promise.  Do not want or wish.  Hungry, pursue, and establish your echo.


19 Jan

is my job.

Writing is my life.

Elevation is ME.

Morning testing me,

1 Nov

but I more than answer its provocation.  Move quicker and more creative than it can decide to at me next throw.

Mornings like this by the creative so much adored.

Enjoy YOUR day.  Make it your own and only let it push you forward and forward.

English 5, 2/8/16

8 Feb

I quite literally rushed to my “office” to write you all.  Thinking more of Hunter S. Thompson and the political climate and consistencies today, and how polarizing and as I said ‘vitriolic’ they are, perhaps a more grand and encompassing writing could be composed for this first longer submission.  Please note:  I’m not trying to gear your expression or argument one way or another, just sharing my observations and analytic entertainments as they materialize.  So what am I cooking exactly with this idea?  Something to the tune of Hunter’s estimations of mankind, of how we behave, how he behaves.  And….. Is there a REMEDY for this behavior?  Enjoy your storming brains and the ink that precipitates to page.  This topic is yours.  This novel is yours, ours, and all ideas should be shared.  And with the notion of a “thesis”, forget all clinical instruction of the past.  The thesis is the promise you make to the reader.  The idea, your idea, that you take the reader through (not so much “prove”, even though you do hope to “prove” it, a bit.. I’m just saying this shouldn’t be the entire purpose of your writing).

His chaos is certainly enviable.  And beautiful (topic?).  His entire embrace of his Craft, and how he just does, he doesn’t deliberate excessively.  If at all.  As students, we should learn from his to trust ourselves, and know what we’re doing with our lives, Art, careers or whatever is right.  Is TRUE.  How is that not desirable?

You have to be truthful with yourself before you can ever hope to find a true Truth.

Over Coffee…

23 Oct

About to leave for work. Not in the mood, but I go.
Any of you dealing with this?
If so,
Write about it.

I dare you.