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Bang on the door

15 Dec

of your own pessimism.

Tell it that it’s getting evicted.


Those who

13 Dec

want to force their perpetual nay into my day are by far my favorite comedians.

A mood lands…

11 Dec


Deny its landing.

Tell it to find another runway.


27 Sep

Let’s see what I can write and post in under five minutes, before driving, or speeding, to the winery.  In love, this morning.  With the morning itself.  I find it encouraging and revealing, wildly and robustly educating.  Don’t fight or reject the morning, PLEASE.  It’s there to be used as a tone-establisher for your day.  Why be nay when you can be yay, with the morning, or anything?  More and more, I see the classroom as a stark symbol for everything in our lives.  You make the class what you do, and do can be effectuated with every day.

Enjoy your day.  Demand from it.  Or rather, don’t demand, just direct it which way you want it to go.  I’m only now, at my old age, seeing it as that simple.




25 Sep

When it’s quiet,

be loud

in your head.


31 Aug

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26 Aug

Feeling love today…Feeling alive today.

Watch what happens…