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Tired tonight,

29 May

but waking early with wife.  She to spin, me to scribe.  Thought dominant for day–  resisting nothing, working with whatever’s before you.  Make everything your own.  Today, just drove through day, made every moment mine.  Even walking past a glass atop a placemat I seized, if only to move the glass a couple centimeters to the right.  I did something.  I made it MINE.  And funny, now that I’m writing (or really typing with thumbs on phone), I’m waking up.  Second wind if you want to look at it that way.  But I have to force Self to early bed.  I need three pages before leaving for winery.


Conversation with Courtney on Merlot, Zins, winemaking…

View of old vines

Me, reciting wine, not selling it