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22 Sep

21:34.  Love the hour, the sound of the dishwasher, even that goddamn dog barking behind the studio.  Everything is speaking to me— the Goofy stuffed animal doll-thing I bought Ms. Austen, the remote next to me, the dormant TV.  All around me encourages writing, reflection, some type of reaction.  Planning on waking earlier than early tomorrow, and I see it as more than a mere slice of feasible.  Why?  No distraction tonight, to sway to anywhere left, right.  I’m here stationed on this couch listening to a reading of Austen’s ‘P&P’.  These characters and the family dynamic and persistence to dilemma…. I can only think, and can only see Self lecturing on it, or establishing some purpose in her prose.  The words arrive then leave, and I switch to Coltrane, his thoughts through notes as mine through and by words.. everything making some odd sort of sense to a writer but then I calm and situate in my love for the hour, this hour, here in the studio—  Babies upstairs resting and me realizing as I said in class today that life is short, that you need actuate with urgency and both writers we discuss realize and rile just that.

Night… equanimity.  Similar but contrasting the harsh hour of morning, the 04:00 proposal I have before self.  What are you doing now?  What are you doing in the morning?  Are you testing yourself?  Your life is your life and you should be the puppet master I more than just one oscillation.  Stamp your own passport, sign your own form, deliver your own direction…. Tonight, promise yourself that tomorrow will be a plume of new notes…

Listening to Ellington & Coltrane’s “In A Sentimental Mood”.  One of my favorite tracks.  And that’s me, now, seeing all that can be met and seen and sensed, in the immediate form and locale.  Study tirelessly…. Yodel in YOU.  Prizes are promised, long as you self-test and actuate in the formed fate that you write, form.



16 Sep

Stay moving…

Start new project…

Be ahead of yourself.


30 Aug

Never fight them.

That’s where the chapter starts, and where most encouragement rumbles.

1A, 8/29/17

29 Aug

Punctuation thoughts… semi-colon and exclamation point 

Poetry… Plath… feminism (definition vs understanding)

Groups – Poems and quotes and your connection…

Revisit as class

Using textual evidence…. creative reading

Journal, thoughts, writing

Close – Music

Class on Tuesday—

28 Aug

Explore readings.  Don’t just read.  Incorporate your life, don’t do what you’ve done in the past with reading or been told to do.  Do everything differently.  The way to read and understand is to experience what you read, not just read for the sake of “retention”.  One of the greatest flaws of institutional education is the ‘have to’ factor…. You have to read it this way…. You have to react this way…. You have to write like this…. How is that encouraging?  How is that education?  Explore your reading, as you read, and explore your own thoughts, build in and upon and around them.

Bon soir!!!

28 Aug

How is the reading going?

Writing prompt, if you’re interested…  write your life story in 17 words.  Enjoy!!

English 100…

23 Aug

What kind of student are you?