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18 Jan

To the rest of the semester.

Be wild.




15 Jan

Seek Newness, but

Embrace decidedly what’s

Already in your story.

So, what day type do you want?

11 Jan

Yes. You get to choose.

You always get to choose.

A “new year”

1 Jan

is still just a year.

You’re the writer. The story’s yours, in your hand… wheeled by pen.

So… where do you want the chapters to go?

The year approaching

27 Dec

will be hit hard with publication, with new story and my most sharp shapes of ferocity.


20 Dec

This day… this WILD WEDNESDAY, will see more fiery creativity from me than anyone else attempting anything.

Today, the beginning of a prophetic re-write…..

Bang on the door

15 Dec

of your own pessimism.

Tell it that it’s getting evicted.