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20 Mar

Write something for YOU, today.

Be deconstructive, complimentary… a healer, if needed.

Enjoy YOU.

Intensify your re-

19 Mar

write with more tireless and wild, and freeing yay-say.

You are the author of your story.

Not accepting such actuality and mentality is poison.

Keep all ebbs

19 Mar

elevated and communicative, creative.

Tell yourself

15 Mar

about all the possibilities there are out there to strengthen your self, making it a SELF.


8 Mar

What I think about life…. Live. Live it. Love it. Be obsessed with it. Have an affair with it. Be crazy and create with it, from it. It’s your book. Start writing. And write freely.

from Medium…

7 Mar

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Testing yourself.

26 Feb

And I mean really testing yourself.

Do more of this.