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10 Apr


8 Feb

I refuse the title of “instructor”,

26 Dec

or “teacher”. I’m a student. The students teach me, reach me, proverbially read only sagacity and immediate manuscript to me. I learn. That’s my high. Any “professor” thinking they’re not a student sinks in their own mirror-smirk.

Nothing stops you.

22 Dec

You never have to stop.

For anything.

Or anyone.

Just keep with your sprint.

Be defiant.

Glow in your rebellion…

Create a newer and more poured form

of self.


15 Dec

going to so wildly and torrentially slay tomorrow…

I’m already celebrating.

All days you should say—

14 Dec

I love how the cosmos are composed and contorted for my forward.

Before class,  I don’t know what you do, but I

7 Sep

like—no, LOVE—quiet.  Peace.  A pervasive peace that readies me for the rest of the day and of course the class that begins in less than an hour.  Before class is my time.  MINE.  What do you do with yours?  Yes, you could spend it on your phone (I won’t lie, I look at my phone a bit, but never allow it to dominate or steer my time usage), but I offer you should do something enriching and forwarding for you.  Remember, Time will keep moving regardless if we use it in our favor or not.  So let’s use it.  And not just “in our favor”, but truly make use of our time by creating, doing something, creating a reality for ourselves with which we can be happy and proud, and smile at what we’ve done with the wee bit of time we have before class.