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#motivationmonday …

13 Sep

img_6536-1I used words like “explosive” and “thunderous” to provide a sense of next meeting.  More than some dramatic word, I vow it to be lively.  Whether it’s Plath or Sedaris you’re reading, really try to settle on an understanding of who the author is, what their values are, where they’re coming from.

With regard to your research, and credible sources, scribble furiously in your journals and be selective with the sources you select.  This is subjective, I know, but use your best of best judgements.  Be sure you select and share sources on your your class’ author that are not only insightful and informative, but uniquely revealing, or inspiring.

With creative work…  Just keep writing.  Write however you want.  Tell a story.  Stay with your characters and respective stories.  Try to teach yourself something through your own writing.  Writing can be therapeutic, yes, but it can be, and should be, informative and instructional.  You want to teach your readers and yourself.

Another thought…  Life is an invitation, to everything.


mini-mini-mini lecture –

10 Sep

Don’t slow down even if the day does.  What I mean is, if work’s slow, or you’re at the end of your work day, or your writing project, intensify your speed with bizarre passion.  Test yourself.  Test yourself again.  If you pass your tests, put forth more.  Never slow down, otherwise time catches you.  As time keeps moving, we as creatives need keep our creations speedy.

Life is too short to be caught… by anything.

1A – Meeting 3, 8/29/16

29 Aug

Good evening everyone!  For tonight, we’ll be getting into essay writing, the ones we read from Sedaris, and also the style of his essay.  What did they say, what they accomplish for us as readers, as well as many other realities in his work.  What were your most consistent observations?  What did you like?   What did you not like?  Who is Sedaris writing for?  What do you think he wants his readers to do as a result of reading his essays?

Break into groups and take each other through the essays we read.  Share your reactions and what you thought was funny, but also how you or others could relate to his stories.  Read from the typed reactions you did over the weekend, start there and generate new ideas together.

Creative:  Tell story from your life, something that you think about and recount quite often, for whatever reason.  Something that contributed to the character you are today.

Returning to Sedaris, let’s read and not as we go, together.  What is he saying, what’s standing out to us…  Reading actively means we not only give the book more attention than we otherwise would, but as well knowing exactly what speaks to us, with what exactly we are connecting.

Night 7

30 Jun

supererogatory:  going beyond the requirements of duty.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius


1 – Readings/Typed Reactions

-group, then revisit

2 – Paper 1

-pieces you can use

3 – Who relates to what?  Why?

4 – Why is important for us to relate?

5 – Why should we care?

6 – How will this piece affect the reader?


Plath poems…

What do you see in her work?

YouTube clip…

Journal checks, tomorrow…

-What I’m looking for:  consistency in note-taking, brainstorming, notes from readings, creative work

Night 5

28 Jun

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” -Jonathan Swift

-What does that mean to you?

remontant: blooming more than once in a season.

Get into groups, formulate a statement about one or more of the pieces.. support that statement with three quotes.  So, if you want to talk about three pieces, you can only use three quotes.  IF you select one piece, then your three quotes must be from that piece.

Revisit and present…

Short reactions:  Name, Date, Class (no need for my name, but if you need to, it’s “Mike Madigan”…)  Balance of paragraphs, quotes, strong language, no summary…

Dickinson poem, analyze…

Creative Writing, poetry…

And about poetry…  WHAT ABOUT IT?

add’l questions –

What is happiness to you?  How do you get it/plan on getting it?

How do you deal with stress?

And the semester starts. 

19 Jun

Don’t have expectations.  Have tentative visions, take each day one at a time.  Yes, you may have goals or thoughts, but don’t be too trapped or suffocated in them.  Be open to new experiences…  If you want to improve your reading and writing abilities, that’s one of the best pieces of counsel I can offer you at the start of these eight weeks.

I look forward to working with ALL of you this Summer.

First assignment:  Please post below 50-100 words about yourself, about what you’ve lived, where you think you’re going…  BE CREATIVE!  And don’t overthink it!  Just write!

Rendez-vous demain!  (See you tomorrow!)



27 Apr

Please post any questions, thoughts, demands, excerpts, whatever you want, below.  If you have questions, please be specific.  Put us in a position to be of vast and immediate assistance in the development of your idea.