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Want to learn something today?

28 Sep

We are all writing something.  Especially when we’re not actually writing—

All moments are tied in some way.

What happens in a classroom is a microcosm for ‘out there’.  That’s why this matters.

You learn by teaching yourself and letting the moment education you on YOU.

Kerouac reminds us that there’s more than just ‘so much to learn out there’, as so many say.  By saying “so much”, you infer a quantity, a set amount.  Knowledge is always immune to limit, number, anything set.



31 Aug

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Today, Friday, day before the weekend, I’m uniquely motivated. 

9 Dec

Part of it has to do with the semester coming to its end, and we all get a break, but for the most part it’s a result of just being assured that I am going to bring certain realities to fruition.  I just decided that certain realities WILL be mine.  And, today.  With writing, with business, with teaching…  Anything I want.  So what I wanted to share with you all today was an urgency:  Think of something you want from this Friday, TODAY, and just go bloody get it.  Whatever you want, you can have.  So… mes amies… go get it!

New Tiles

2 Sep

Where I step, invite

other stories and words.  Looks.

See those lights again.

eng 5

18 Apr


At what point do we seek one, or several, that ‘IT’?  How do we get it?  Can we get it?  Can we change, or is our character already written?  Something to think about as students, writers and readers, Humans.  But, maybe there’s nothing that needs to be remedied.  That’s possible, right?  So then what.  Remedy isn’t worth entertaining, if there’s nothing to be remedied?  How about ‘growth’, then, as a singular word and idea.  Just thoughts I’m sharing with you, reading and writing here in the Emeritus building.  As Kerouac and his cronies meander, so do we, right?  What happens when the meander is over, when we reach a destination?

Meditation, meditation…  A collection of Self.  The Self is acquired, maintained, and PRACTICED…..

ENGLISH 5—  4/6/15

6 Apr

Thank you for an energized meeting this morning.  Coming back to definitions and the importance thereof, what in your life do you feel needs more defining.  How do you plan on building and expanding this definition?  How do you define yourself at this moment in your life?  Like I said, definitions are always a facet to our reality that I’ve found provocative and intriguingly variable.  Sticking to a definition in an argument only compliments its declarative nature and authority.  So, then back to you, how do you define YOURSELF (rather than society and what’s out there being marketed telling you how to self-define).

What did you walk away with this morning?  If nothing, then:  Back to the book title, is everything really an argument?  Also, please value the idea, your idea or ideas, from which an argument burgeons.

The Lupe song I played today…  What else did you hear in his words, aside from the expected prompt of definition and ‘what could he be defining?’ What did you hear, see, feel in his work?  And again, through poetry!  Art, especially the literary arts, and even more especially poetry, can demonstrate ferocious and entrapping argumentative qualities.

Feel free to type what you wrote in this morning’s freewrite, below…

I’m looking forward to a day of sun— going for a run, disregarding the obligations trailing me, which is more than a ton.  Today I focus on re-defining my aims, visions, collective Story.  YOU?

Before getting into Kerouac, and even before researching him, think about how much of a difference there may or may not be between fiction and non, again.  Like with Hunter, Kerouac feeds on the Now, and is always looking for new understanding— of Life, himself, the people around him, what he’s writing, where he’s going.. all of it.  He’s one who needs the journey and the Newness in order to live, write, see, sense.

Enjoy your weekend, and today’s beaming envelopment, and I will see you all Monday!

Be Inspired.

Yours—  Loyally—  Always—


The semester starts tomorrow…

19 Jan

And many of us feel stressed.  What do you do to combat stress?  Do you have a particular act or practice?  Or is stress something with which you still struggle?

Share with us, if you will…  So we  can learn.

How do you free yourself from this anxious squeeze?