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And the semester starts. 

19 Jun

Don’t have expectations.  Have tentative visions, take each day one at a time.  Yes, you may have goals or thoughts, but don’t be too trapped or suffocated in them.  Be open to new experiences…  If you want to improve your reading and writing abilities, that’s one of the best pieces of counsel I can offer you at the start of these eight weeks.

I look forward to working with ALL of you this Summer.

First assignment:  Please post below 50-100 words about yourself, about what you’ve lived, where you think you’re going…  BE CREATIVE!  And don’t overthink it!  Just write!

Rendez-vous demain!  (See you tomorrow!)


Good Morning, Everyone!! [7:04AM, 6/7/15]

7 Jun

My name is Mike Madigan, and I’ll be your instructor of record for the next 8 weeks– or, 8 weeks from when the semester does actually start, June 15th… I just wanted to make sure you all have the books the first day, which are Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ and David Sedaris’ ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’. As well, please have one notebook (preferably a Composition Book), and some post-it’s for our readings and places in your journals where you may need to reference and re-reference certain ideas and writings, notes and what be…..
What you can expect from this class: what you invest, what you equate into the equation. So.. if your election is to be miserable, then you will be just that. BUT, new colleagues and friends, if you want to learn a couple new things about your writing voice and about how to approach Literature, and your dreams and academic pursuits, then you will receive that and quite plausibly more!

So, to close, I look forward to meeting and working with you all, and I’ll see you on the 15! Please feel free to introduce yourself below and what you want from this class and your academic life, or anything you want to narrate! Cheers!

Loyally, Yours,