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7 Apr

…finally returning home from the labor place, son still awake and wanting to play.  I gave in and sat with him and joked for a bit.  But now, I just listen to rain.  Just listen, readers… see yourself in some other form, some other plain, plateau, pose and placement.  No that alliteration wasn’t intentional.  Or maybe a bit.  But I’m home, finally collecting the way I want to, not having to dodge all the people at a Starbucks and just sitting down on the floor, which isn’t at all comfortable, and centering in musings.  What I muse over now, life… where I am in it and what my story’s doing.  Feeling like a student again.  Showing up to class, not sure what’s going to happen or what I want my aims to be.  Blending paragraphs and poems, not at all expected but entirely admirable since I’ve decided to further sit and center in my decisions.  I’ve always wanted to be a thinker, a professor, like Dad.  No, he wasn’t a teacher, but a pilot which is galactically more interesting.  But he always struck me as an educator, a Philosophy professor, and he was a Philos’ major.  I see this writer at my aimed-for campus, which I’m not going to again reverb, offering postulates on those questions, what’s posed in Coelho’s work—


17 Mar

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22 Jan

Troubled, or telling us something?  What is she telling us to do?


5 Dec

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Want to learn something today?

28 Sep

We are all writing something.  Especially when we’re not actually writing—

All moments are tied in some way.

What happens in a classroom is a microcosm for ‘out there’.  That’s why this matters.

You learn by teaching yourself and letting the moment education you on YOU.

Kerouac reminds us that there’s more than just ‘so much to learn out there’, as so many say.  By saying “so much”, you infer a quantity, a set amount.  Knowledge is always immune to limit, number, anything set.


6 Jul

Wrapping up Week 3 of Summer Term.  Thinking myself more about actuating what I advocate in terms of ideas and “advice”, if you could call it that.  This day, a theoretical day off, has tested me a bit.  But I need to be tested, in all respects.  We all do.  That’s how our stories are strengthened and how we as characters find gems in our own characters.  I wrote earlier today to hold on to an image, to dash at it.  What I meant to say was ‘a scene’, some stage with you on it— that ideal setting and circumstance set.  Think of it.. hear and see it… feel it, then sprint.  And if it’s a long ways from you now, pace yourself.  You will get there.  Again, this is something I need to tell myself over and over.  It takes practice, like anything else.  Sometimes we find ourselves in lulls, or funks, moods, kerfuffles, and it’s up to us to pull ourselves out.  Don’t wait for someone to say the right thing, or scroll through a Google search for the right inspirational quote.  Be your own inspirer and motivational speaker.  To improve You, you have to embrace you… be a fan of You.  Study YOU.

Days that test you are the real gems.  They should be seen as the most optimal of opportunities to learn, grow, see the plan to free yourself.  Days that challenge you are like inspiration and motivation buffets.  There’s so many parcels to study.  Over the weekend, have your assignment, or one of them, be noting all your stresses and anxieties, frustrations… if you’re in a funk, write it down, find out specifically why… then you have something to study, attack, grow from… you’re another step closer to flying.  Let yourself be tested.  Invite tests… challenge the elements around you, challenge yourself.  Then, enjoy the growth.  Enjoy the increase in elevation, your new climbing pace.


23 Jan

Tomorrow, I’m looking to have ‘the momentum of narrative’ be out foremost focus.  How quick the text feels, what the narrator seems to want.  Realizing this and studying what we find as readers will make us stronger writers, no matter what we ultimately want to do with our writing.