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for interpretation

30 Apr

She tells me something,

I listen but don’t at all, not a 


I glare, meditate, then die.


7 Feb

Define critical thinking.  And, not what a dictionary says for the two words, or what you’ve been told it means.  What I’m asking is how YOU understand critical thinking.  Provide some examples… how does it work, how does it work for you?  What value does critical thinking have outside an English class?


25 Oct

There’s no block.  Not writer’s block, thought blocks, creative blocks, road blocks.  You are never blocked.  Your writing, thoughts, creative pulses will take you to all Roads.  Blocks are acknowledged.  That’s why they exist.  They don’t have to be acknowledged, they don’t have to exist.

English 100…

23 Aug

What kind of student are you?

To you, Langston Hughes

28 Feb

is best described as ___________.



11 Feb

Sylvia Plath used her own story, her own life, as the nucleus of her creativity.  She knew her own story, her character, but she still had her struggles with it till her last day.  How well do you know yourself?  If the caterpillar in Wonderland asked you, “WHO ARE YOU?”, would you have an answer?  And if so, where would you start in telling your story or even providing some short, encased description?  This question is something that all writers, students, anyone claiming to be mentally alive, should pose to themselves.  And, repeatedly so the understanding is an understanding firm, and always reinforcing identity.  And, freedom.

So…. YOU, are whom?

What is YOUR story?

Thought this Morning…

8 Jan