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29 Sep

You want can be written.

So stop thinking.

Start writing.



26 Sep

Do everything yourself.  Yes, there are people in life you need, but to get everything you want all that’s needed is you, your Self, and the acceptance that you are everything you want and that everything you need and want, and wish over and over for, is entirely attainable, extending from your efforts.  But you need to put forth efforts, intense efforts, tireless effort.  Everything in your circumstance set is a reflection, extension, directive of your efforts.

Do.  All.  Yourself.


25 Sep

Presence is your priority.
Be present in ALL moments.

The moments are a stream to 

Equilibrium, and Freedom.


25 Sep

IMG_7979-0Week about to start, and my attitude is, truly, “BRING IT ON.” I’m at the point in my life where week’s don’t mean anything.  Monday, Thursday, Friday, the weekend.  Everyday I’m working to elevate my story and improve life for me, my family.  Demand the same of yourself.  You’ll feel something, I promise, if you test your Self.  Don’t stop, don’t let yourself get tired, and certainly don’t let yourself make excuses.  Actuate… actuate everything… everything you want.  I had a long day today at the winery but I’m still going and I have ZERO interest in slowing and assuredly no intention of stopping.

Thinking about life and how short it is, how curt it continues to be… but that’s me obsessing over time.  Why do that, when I could be capitalizing on the minute I’m in.. this very breath, right now on the couch typing and contributing to this story of mine.. babies upstairs…. Everyone—  Dash at every assignment in this class as you do your dreams, as this class is a contributor to your life, your dreams, everything.  Tomorrow’s Monday, but that’s wholly insignificant.  All your breaths are Monday and Friday, all days, blended.  Seize.  There’s composition in your Now, elementally and anatomically.

Sit and

16 Sep

Stare at a wall, let

it tell you something,

’bout all, then quiet.


12 Sep

Some days you just have so much floating around your head— or maybe not even floating around but zooming and speeding by and making anything difficult to track down or catch up to.  What do you do with these days?  How do you manage?  How do you get a handle on it, on anything that speeds by and around you?  I have an idea… don’t.  Don’t fight what’s in place, but work with it.  Let it feel and fuel and contribute to your character and its moments.  Right now as I’m typing this I’m hungry and annoyed at the hammering on the roof above me, in Emeritus Hall, where the air conditioning is pulsing its frigid pulses much more intently than it should.  I’m not complaining, I’m letting it forward my story, my time here in this seat.  I’m not moving.  If anything, it empowers and enriches.

What do you do when the day seems to want to interfere with you and your composure?  Again, when you have so much going on it’s hard to catch or catch up to any one item or priority?  There is no versatile solution, as everything time this happens it requires a different elemental fix.

What do you do with your days off? 

5 Sep

Some of you might be saying, “What days off?” Then you’re like me.  But, when you do have the occasional day off, I’m of the thinking that that’s when you work harder than you do for the job, and get yourself closer to wherever it is you want to be… professional photographer, writer, independent car mechanic, painter, teacher, sales expert… whatever.  On days off, when you’re not working for THEM, work like a bizarrely hungry animal for YOU.  How else will you get it, your ‘it’?  Your ‘there’?  You, we, need to be tireless, hungry, obsessed with our goals if we ever hope to touch them, live them, and more love each of our days.