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Write with

20 Mar

the explorer’s urge and necessity.

The re-write

20 Mar

is the result of renewed sight.


18 Mar

Too many that can threaten our pursuit of Self. The solution… There isn’t a singular solvent. But, the yay-saying disposition as opposed to its antithetical is wildly accommodating. The distractions more than many things make their epistemology visible. They’re there only if we define them, acknowledge and supply them with our energies. Truly, I find distractions fascinating. Why do you give in? What are you believing you’ll receive as a result of answering the distraction’s chirp? Why are you distracted by that, or THAT? Distractions, I was told long ago, are goal-death. Not to say I never get distracted. That’s not at all the matter. I’m more aware of what distracts me, I can earnestly concede. And, once distracted, I more quickly recover. If trying to more understand you, attain true Self and Personhood, distractions must be buried, both in demoralize and connotative. Your convictions abet Self…

If someone or something,

13 Mar

a job, an organization, club, or group don’t take you seriously, then that should make things easier. You don’t have to care as much, and it frees up energy you can devote to your Road.

Caring should be both convex and concave.

If you’re still in the box,

12 Mar

be so creative and seismic that you move it from the inside, and in any direction you want.

This morning,

10 Mar

thinking of goals. New ones set, and how to get. Only two things to be done. Up before anyone else in home, but not for long. Vocal, be more vocal. Be more daring, more fearless, more spontaneous, more disciplined, see the results before they’re seen, felt. This morning’s meditation is prime realization. Just went further with meditation, ten pulses… seeing the results. Travel, writing, the people I’ll meet and speak to.

Before I get in the shower, 15 beats…. Done. The quiet of the house surround. Put yourself in a like-scene, setting, where you can see more of you, the you that you have to do.

Her Shoe

9 Mar

She stepped and ran all

over this floor and the one

above, this morning.