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Where is

7 Apr

your sight?

Where do you see your character?

Write below, any length…

A thousand words,

27 Mar

on your least favorite thing to do at work.

Time yourself…


Writing Prompt…

22 Mar

Write to the yesterday-you.

Writing Prompt…

7 Mar

500 words on you, yesterday.

And, write in 3rd-person.


Writing Prompt…

3 Feb

Write a 500-word letter to the morning itself.  Be as open and transparent, and poetic, as you can….


Writing Prompt

30 Jan

Tell us about you, three hours ago. Write as you, in that time. Make sure you tell us both times… when you’re actually writing, and the time of the narrative you’re assuming.


Writing Prompt—

19 Jan

Writing about a time when you realized time, and how fast and indifferently it moves.